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Hello and Welcome to Pipe Dreams Plumbing Company!  Owned and operated by local Las Vegas resident, Chance Vanek, Pipe Dreams Plumbing Company has been serving the Las Vegas (and surrounding area) market with quality plumbing services for over 26 years now.

From the Founder

My name is Chance Vanek I’m the owner and operator of Pipe Dreams Plumbing Company. I was born and raised right here in Las Vegas, Nv. I started my career in 1997 on a sunny day in October. I remember it well. I arrived on the job site of a luxury custom home in Eagle Hills. I Was given a jack hammer. From there I pounded concrete the whole day. When the day was over. I asked my boss where to put the jack hammer for the night. My boss replied “Just take it home, It’s yours for a while.” For the next 6 months, I labored away and mastered the two only tools I was given to work with, the jack hammer and shovel. Most would have given up, honestly the thought never crossed my mind. I enjoyed the physical and mental challenge. Over the course of those 6 months I would watch the plumbers install thousands of feet of pipe and was eager to learn how and why things where being done as they were.

Fast forward 26 years, I’ve been running my own plumbing company, I still eagerly wake up everyday to oversee the day to day operations of Pipe Dreams Plumbing. I still have friendly and business relationships with the two owners of that plumbing company who gave me the opportunity to learn this trade. I still eagerly anticipate every customers phone call. So I can provide you with the plumbing service you deserve.

Be sure to check out our blog for updates on past and present projects as well as DIY tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading,

Chance Vanek

Owner, Pipe Dreams Plumbing Company


We handle your plumbing nightmares like a dream come true.

Chance, Ray and Dave

Dave Bold, Ray Ortega and Chance Vanek. These are the two men taught me that the job is not complete, until it is Done Right.

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